Abstract: How Libraries Might Change

How Libraries Might Change  


This is an article on a good sized blog created by an academic librarian in Singapore. This post includes sections on the possible future effects on libraries by advances in machine learning, AI, linked data and blockchains. The section about blockchains includes a link to a video of a speaker named Jason Griffey who talks about blockchains in part of the video. The post discusses the video which includes three suggestions for uses of blockchains in libraries. The first is digital provenance to verify research data and scientific or academic articles to prove they have not been altered. The second is a distributed metadata catalog with the ability to make signed changes by any user. The third is to track ownership of ebooks and other digital media which might help with digital first sale proof. There is a second video on LBRY which is not related to libraries. It is something like YouTube but distributed so it doesn’t have a controlling agent. The author includes this as an example of things librarians should know about as libraries are community internet access points.