People and Publications


Principal Investigators

Sandra Hirsh — PI, Associate Dean, Academics
College of Professional and Global Education
San Jose State University



Susan Alman — Co-PI, Lecturer, San Jose State University iSchool



For all inquiries — contact:

IMLS Advisory Committee Members

Miguel Figueroa — Executive Director, ALA Center for the Future of Libraries
Jason Griffey — Fellow, Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University
Ryan Hess — Palo Alto City Library, Library Services Manager, Digital Initiatives
Amy Garner — The Aspen Institute, Director, Dialogue on Public Libraries
Christinger Tomer — Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh, School of Computing and Information
Nadar Afzalan — American Planning Association, Technology Division Chair
Alessandro Voto — ConSensys West, Regional Director

Website Development

Lauren Dickerson — SJSU iSchool Student
Renee Lacapria-Harper — SJSU iSchool Student

Channon Arabit — SJSU iSchool Student
Peter Laurence — SJSU iSchool Student
Christina Cornejo — SJSU iSchool Student
Stacey Johnson — SJSU iSchool Student

Bob Lucore — SJSU iSchool Technology Support

Outside Blockchain Experts — Coming Soon

The following people are not affiliated with this project but are working on advancements in blockchain technology, applications and research:



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