National Forum

The Blockchain National Forum will bring together 20-30 technical experts to discuss ways that blockchain technology can enhance library services. These individuals will be selected from among library leaders (e.g. LITA, PLA, ULC), blockchain innovators (e.g., Institute for the Future, MIT Media Lab, and Harvard Berkman Klein Center), and urban planners (e.g., American Planning Association–Technology Division) to explore the ways that blockchain technology can be used by libraries. The discussion will focus on the identification and discussion of key opportunities for large or small, urban or rural libraries to serve as community anchors using blockchain technology. (Scheduled for August 6, 2018.)

We are seeking nominations of individuals to represent the professional associations and information organizations (e.g. LITA, PLA, ULC, CLIR, ARL) by participating in the Library 2.018 online conference (June 7, 2018) and the National Forum in San Jose, CA (August 6, 2018). Funding is available to support most of the expenses (travel, lodging, meals) for the National Forum for invited participants.

Nominations (including self-nominations) are still being accepted.  Nominees should be knowledgeable about blockchain technology in order to have an impact on the recommendations that will be made and discussed during the Library 2.018 conference and National Forum. Nominations (including self-nominations should be submitted on this form.