Useful Links

Blockchain Bibliography Compilation of sources consulted for upcoming ALA publication, Blockchain.

American Library Association Center for the Future of Libraries 

The American Library Association’s Center for the Future of Libraries explains blockchain (with information from The Economist, Fast Company, Forbes, and other expert sources)

Blockchain Events

While we try to keep our events listed more to blockchain learning, how to adapt and integrate blockchain and other similar topics (i.e. Internet of Things), there are many more conferences happening around the world. Here are the links to sites that can help you find them:

What is Blockchain?  Dr. Victoria Lemieux Breaks it Down

Blockchain for Law Libraries (Debbie Ginsberg)

Blockchain 3.0 or Web 3.NO? (Debbie Ginsberg)

An Introduction to the Blockchain and Its Implications for Libraries and Medicine (Matthew B. Hoy and Tara J. Brigham)

Center for Information Research and Innovation (CIRI) at the SJSU iSchool

CIRI Featured Projects:


Project Novum: Distributed Ledger Technologies and Structural Change in Financial and Cultural Services

Examining organizational and structural changes that the successful application of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) is expected to require in the financial services and the visual arts, and in areas where the two sectors overlap.DACS is a London-based not-for-profit visual artists’ rights management organization representing 90,000 artists worldwide. Founded over 30 years ago, DACS is a flagship organization that campaigns for artists’ rights, collecting and distributing royalties to visual artists and their estates through a number of schemes including payback for secondary uses of original artwork, artist’s resale rights, and copyright licensing.