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How library professionals are approaching blockchain technology and its potential impact Carrie Smith
Blockchain and the future of libraries: An interview with Sandra Hirsh and Susan Alman

Rob Christopher

Why Google’s quantum supremacy milestone matters Scott Aaronson

On “quantum supremacy” Edwin Pednault, John Gunnels, Dmitri Maslov and Jay Gambetta

Quantum computers put blockchain security at risk Aleksey Federov, Evgeniy O. Kiktenko and Alexander I. Lvovsky

Quantum supremacy doesn’t mean blockchain is doomed Sean Stein Smith

IBM Q-Experience IBM team

How to write a quantum program in 10 lines of code (for beginners) Dave Yen

Peter Shor wins 2018 Micius quantum prize Sandi Miller

Peter Shor’s Publications Peter Shor

The beginning of the end for encryption schemes? Jennifer Chu

 Blockchain platform with proof-of-work based on analog Hamiltonian optimizers  Kirill P. Kalinin and Natalia G. Berloff 

Investigation of Blockchain Network Security  Jack Kelly, Michelle Lauer, Ryan Prinster and Stephanie Zhang

Blockchain: the Emperor’s new PKI? Hillarie Orman and Purple Streak

Setting up a Blockchain for a public library Ravi Singh

Visa goes live with blockchain powered business payments service Anonymous

La revolución blockchain y su aplicación en gestión de información, bibliotecas y archivos Felipe Vera Lobos

Decentralizing Latin American library infrastructure Spanish  English Felipe Vera Lobos and Hernán Lagos Lagos

Blockchain technology is set to transform the supply chain Rob O’Byrne

Austin is piloting blockchain to improve homeless services Danny Chrichton

Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system Satoshi Nakamoto

The truth about Blockchain Marco Iansiti and Karim R. Lakhani


5 ways blockchain could improve healthcare Mackenzie Garrity
Estonia using blockchain to secure medical records Medha Basu
Estonia and Dubai test medical records on the blockchain Anonymous
Healthcare e-estonia
Is there a blockchain delay in healthcare? Mark Treshock and Mina Piao
What are the use cases for blockchain tech in healthcare? Quora
Blockchain Technology in the Library Nancy K. Herther
Blockchain American Library Association
Blockchain in the Library? Researchers Explore Potential Applications Jessica Leigh Brown
An Introduction to the Blockchain and Its Implications for Libraries and Medicine Matthew B. Hoy
Blockchain, libraries and the data deluge Donna Ellen Frederick
Using the Blockchain of Cryptocurrencies for Timestamping Digital Cultural Heritage Gipp, Bela; Meuschke, Norman; Beel, Joeran; Breitinger, Corinna
Blockchain for Science and Knowledge Creation Sönke Bartling
Blockchain Technology Adoption Theophanis C. Stratopoulos, Victor X. Wang
Beyond Bitcoin: A Literature Review of Blockchain Technology Sarah Prowse
The Design and Implementation of Blockchain Technology in Academic Resource’s Authoritative Metadata Records: Enhancing Validation and Accountability Snow, Amber 
BitView: Using Blockchain Technology to Validate and Diffuse Global Usage Data for Academic Publications Camillo Lamanna, Manfredi La Manna
New Recordkeeping on the Block: An Assessment of 2 Blockchain-Based Recordkeeping Systems Desai, Sangeeta
Blockchain Is Already Here. What Does That Mean for Records Management and Archives? Sharmila Bhatia, A. D. Wright de Hernandez
Exploring blockchain technology and its potential applications for education Guang Chen, Bing Xu, Manli Lu & Nian-Shing Chen
Blockchain’s roles in strengthening cybersecurity and protecting privacy Nir Kshetri
Blockchain for research* J van Rossum
Smart libraries: an emerging and innovative technological habitat of 21st century Sumeer Gul, Shohar Bano
Blockchain Basics Daniel Drescher
Understanding blockchain technology for future supply chains: A systematic literature review and research agenda Yingli Wang, Jeong Hugh Han, Paul Beynon-Davies
Towards Advanced Artificial Intelligence using Blockchain Technologies Jean-Louis Marechaux
Electronic health records in a Blockchain: A systematic review André Henrique Mayer, Cristiano André da Costa, Rodrigo da Rosa Righi
Searchain: Blockchain-based private keyword search in decentralized storage Peng Jiang, Fuchun Guo, Kaitai Liang, Jianchang Lai, Qiaoyan Wen
Blockchain and scholarly publishing could be best friends  Holmen, Mads
Blockchain technology and education Grigore Albeanu
Blockchain Technology: Implications for Development Kevin D. Johnson
Understanding Blockchain Opportunities and Challenges Carmen Holotescu
Blockchain Library Blockchain Library
Of modems and pixie dust – Blockchain demystified* Martin Hamilton
What is Blockchain Technology? A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners Ameer Rosic
Blockchain Explained Luke Fortney
Is there potential for blockchain in copyright and licensing applications? Dave Davis
Blockchain White Paper National Archives and Records Administration 
What is blockchain and why should records management professionals care? Iron Mountain
Blockchain and its Implications for Libraries Coghill, Jeffrey G.