Blockchain: To Use or Not to Use?

There is a lot of hype about the possible applications of blockchain technology. The distributed ledger technology is being considered in a variety of situations for governments and proprietary and non-profit organizations that include cryptography, cryptocurrency, data and financial management, and as a platform for many other applications.

Blockchain is little more than a current buzzword, and the information on this website is intended to provide participants with a background on the technology and possible uses. This year-long IMLS-sponsored discussion on blockchain technology will enable members of our profession to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of this distributed ledger system. The goal is to recommend the path forward for the uses of blockchain in the library/information profession.

Before we reach any conclusions we must engage in thoughtful discussions on the possible applications, risks, costs, and viability of adopting blockchain technology for our organizations. There are planned activities to continue our discussions, and we invite you to be active participants throughout the year.

You are invited and encouraged to post questions and comments to move this discussion forward with a knowledgeable discourse.