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Lessons from the past for peer-to-peer networks

For libraries, Blockchain represents the opportunity to build their own networks.  Beyond being independent of such entities as OCLC, libraries will be able to redefine relationships with patrons.  The lessons of the past show how this opportunity can either define the future or be passed by.  Here are the three main lessons from the past of Bibframe, Word and Linux. Agreement to act is necessary.  Bibframe […]

How Blockchain might evolve, 2: Microsoft Word timeline

What do you say to a champion?  Few in the family knew.  At large gatherings, Horacio Velha (lower left on the poster) often stood alone or with his wife, occasionally talking to others from the immigrant generation.  By then he was elderly, but he always stood straight and wore a suit.  He wore green, even when the color was out of favor.  It made for an […]

Cautionary tales: When new technology doesn’t change anything.

While thinking of how to draw timelines from earlier posts, I thought of technology that did not lead to progress. In the library world, the most recent leap to nowhere was Bibframe.  The Library of Congress and Zepheira were about to retire MARC. Everyone agreed and still agrees that it is outdated.  Bibframe would integrate library holdings into search results.  The hard copies on the stacks, […]